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Loose sheet with low show-through in consideration of writing

Tomoegawa released Tomoe River FP in Tomoe River series, and collaborated with SAKAE TECHNICALPAPER Co.,LTD. ‘to release stationary products including paper pads and loose leaf sheets using Tomoe River FP. Tomoe River FP is a smooth writing paper with exceptional properties of low set-off without image blurring(good resolution).Products using Tomoe River FP are trademarked with the logo above on the cover page.

Feature 1Easy to write

  • Compared to other writing paper, less ink bleeding / blurring and no show-through.
  • Realizes smooth writing and coloring with a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, ink pen, mechanical pencil, pencil, etc.

Feature 2Available the most suitable lot and size for individual users.

  • Loose sheet type has individual pieces of paper, so you can make notes and notes by yourself.
  • Develop hardcover products, notebooks, and series of various sizes.
  • In addition to the standard type “N”, “Mat” type is easy on the eyes.
  • Available in two colors, white and cream.
  • Available for purchase at large stationery stores and online shops.

Feature 3Gathering the highest technology of notebook paper

  • Print the logo mark, which is a proof of genuine Tomoe River.
  • It is used by many overseas users as a "made in Japan" product.

Product example

Loose sheet(White)
Loose sheet(Cream)

Tomoe River Logo

Please contact the distributor below

SAKAE TECHNICALPAPER Co.,LTD. Tokyo branch office

3-7 Higashigokencho,Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan
https://www.sakaetp.co.jp/(Japanese version only)