Fine Particle Products (Toner)Full Color Toner

Supports rapid full-color copying machines and printers

Images read by digital signals express various tones using the three primary colors (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan).

Copiers and printers, which used to be in the monochrome world, have become more vivid with inkjet and toner, depending on the application. Especially in the field of printers, low-priced, high-performance (high-speed and network) models have been released by manufacturers, and colorization is progressing not only in the office but also for personal use.

Feature 1High durability of image

  • Electrophotographic method has higher image durability than inkjet.

Feature 2Speed up

  • Since it is an electrophotographic method, it is easier to increase the speed compared to inkjet.

Outlook for the future

As for production printing, electro-photographic full-color printing is expanding in fields such as DM (direct mail) and POD (print on demand) for small lot printing.

At TOMOEGAWA, we are further improving the technology to control the viscoelasticity of toner, which affects image gloss. In response to the ever-increasing demand for toner such as oil-less fixing with WAX inclusion, we are devoting our resources to development.