Fine Particle Products (Toner)New Development Toner

(1)Low energy fusing

Generally, toner is fixed onto paper by heat and pressure. This heat is the key for reducing the power consumed by devices such as copiers. If toner can be fixed at a low temperature, it will have a great effect on reducing power consumption. This is achieved with low energy fusing toner.

Electric appliances keep trying to reduce their power consumption and environmental load, and it becomes normal that printers and copiers are now equipped with functions such as ZESM (Zero Energy Stand by Mode).

TOMOEGAWA develops and sells low-energy fixing toners that are differentiated from conventional toners in order to respond to this trend toward lower energy consumption. We believe that the need for low-energy fusing will increase in the future.

Feature 1It is possible to lower the set temperature of the fusing. (The fusing part accounts for about 80% of the total power consumption)

  • The power consumption of the machine is reduced.
  • Warming up time can be shortened.
  • The startup time from the power save mode can be shortened.

Feature 2Fixing pressure can be lowered

  • It is possible to extend the life of the fixing parts and reduce the cost of the fixing unit.
  • It will prevent paper wrinkles.

Future outlook

In the future, it will be necessary to reduce energy consumption. In order to meet that demand, it is essential to search for new materials (particularly resins and low melting point materials) as toner, and it is also necessary to improve the fixing device itself.

However, simply lowering the melting characteristics of the material will have various effects on toner quality such as durability, so we provide our customers with this balanced toner.

(2)Eco-friendly toner

If the toner becomes waste, it will not be returned naturally in a short time. Recently, global warming has become a problem due to the heavy use of fossil fuels such as oil.

In addition, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) generated when using toner needs to be further reduced in consideration of the effects on the human body. Considering these things, we are developing toner that is "Friendly for Eco & Human" such as

  • toner that uses naturally-derived resin (non-petroleum resin toner) based on the concept of carbon neutral
  • toner that easily decomposed into soil
  • toner that uses a resin with low VOC generation when in use and has no suspicion of environmental hormones
We are focusing on development and selling toners with these features.

Future outlook

While the global environment is being greatly highlighted, copiers and printers keep trying to reduce the burden on environment and users.

We will continue to search for safer materials and work on the development and sale of "Toner products friendly for the human body and the environment."