Fine Particle Products (Toner)Non-Magnetic Toner

Realize the rapidity and miniaturization of the combined Multi-Function Copier

Non-magnetic toner is magnetic-free and is mainly used in dual-component system (carriers made of ferrite powder, iron powder, etc.) and mono-component system (toner only). Because of the ease of electrification, the dual-component system is used for high-speed machines and full-color systems with relatively high speed.

On the other hand, the mono-component system (nonmagnetic) developer does not use carrier described above, so the structure of the development unit is simplified, especially for small printers. Because neither of them contains a magnetic substance, they are suitable for full color.

Feature 1Ease of colorization

  • It does not use magnetic materials and is suitable for coloration.

Feature 2Dual-component system contributes to the high speed of multi-function copier

  • The toner is stabilized by the carrier and can react to the rapid speed of the machine.

Feature 3Mono-component system contributes to the miniaturization of multi-function copier

  • The device can be simplified and miniaturized without the need for a carrier or toner concentration controller.