Display ProductsWavelength absorption and color compensation adhesives for optics

Available for color adhesives for seamless purpose, UV cut adhesives, NIR cut adhesives and etc..

Optical adhesive films are Our adhesives that give each layer of various displays a function according to your needs. While maintaining a high degree of transparency, TOMOEGAWA's advanced blending technology fuses light-controlled microparticles within the film.Also, precise coating technology allows for uniform coating. It is possible to improve the display quality and functionality. We provide color adhesives that control the transmittance of ultraviolet (UV), visible light, and near-infrared (NIR) light according to your needs.

We have a variety of adhesives that are ideal for a variety of applications such as protecting functional materials from UV rays, adjusting the color of displays, and preventing equipment from malfunctioning due to near-infrared light. Also, TOMOEGAWA's coating technology enables a uniform coating.

Product example 1Color adhesives that can generate seamless effects for flat panel display application

We can control the transmission depends on your requirement.

Our color adhesives has been well accepted for a wide range of applications including automotive for long. Thanks to both the advanced dispersion and experienced coating technologies, we have turned our color adhesives into a stand-out solution with its color uniformity and low haze performance.

Product example 2UV cut adhesives.

It can cut long-wavelength side of UV. It's also possible to adjust Yellow-Color. Moreover, water paste type is available. It's applicable for window of automotive, building, etc.

Comparison of evaporativity


Characteristic items Neutral gray
Characteristics Contrast adjustments Contrast adjustments High black concentration
Thickness [um] 25 22 125 (Black PET)
25 (Black adhesives)
Adhesive strength [N/25mm] 19 29 23
Transmittance rate [%] 74 57 0
Haze [%] 1.3 3.7 -
Wavelength selective absorption [nm] Visible light area Visible light area Visible light area
Durability 80℃ x 1000hrs. OK OK OK
60℃90%RH x 1000hrs. OK OK OK
-40℃ x 1000hrs. OK OK OK
Recommended adherend PET, glass, TAC
Characteristic items UV-cut Neon-cut NIR-cut
Characteristics High durability Workability
Wavelength selective absorption Wavelength selective absorption
Thickness [um] 25~100 12 22 25
Adhesive strength [N/25mm] 28 12 27 17
Transmittance rate [%] 92 92 73 82
Haze [%] 1 1 0.8 5.3
Wavelength selective absorption [nm] ~ 410 ~ 380 ~ 600 ~ 780 ~ 1200
Durability 80℃ x 1000hrs. OK OK OK OK
60℃90%RH x 1000hrs. OK OK OK OK
-40℃ x 1000hrs. OK OK OK OK
Recommended adherend PET, glass, TAC

※The data are references, not guaranteed values.


  • Color compensation for various displays such as LCD, OLED, mini LED, Micro LED, etc.
  • Seamless for frame printing of display for home application and automotive.
  • lamination for window material of automotive, building materials, etc.
  • To prevent electrical device from malfunctioning due to near-infrared light.
  • etc...


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