New ProductsSound Transmission Sheet

New material that prevents wind noise and transmits clear sound

Since it uses a weather resistant material, it is ideal not only for indoor applications but also for outdoor wind protection.

It is also possible to add water repellency without changing the acoustic characteristics.

Feature 1Transmitting sound while suppressing wind noise

  • The left graph shows the sound pressure when wind is applied to the microphone. Although the sound pressure due to wind noise is detected high in a microphone without a sound transmission sheet, the effect of wind noise can be reduced by protecting the microphone with a Total Transmission Panel.
  • The right graph shows the acoustic characteristics with a sound transmission sheet between the speaker and microphone. It can be observed that the acoustic characteristics are almost the same with or without Total Transmission Panel.
Wind noise reduction effect verification experiment & Sound transmission experiment

Feature 2Windshield that can be water repellent and downsized

  • Conventional windshields (such as urethane materials) will have poor acoustic performance if they contain water, but a Total Transmission Panel will improve water repellency and withstand some wind and rain environments.

Feature 3Processing to match the shape of microphone and audio equipment

  • Water repellent treatment is possible without changing the sound quality. In addition, it is possible to perform molding processing such as contour shape.
  • We can provide a module that is combined with a microphone.


  • Windshield for sound collecting microphone in the field
  • Wind noise prevention filter for audio equipment
  • POP noise prevention filter

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