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Specialty Paper age
The domestic pioneer of electrical insulation materials
Leading the market with the first domestic production of electrical insulation paper
Historical background
Sharp decrease in the import of electrical insulating paper

At the beginning of the 20th century, when Japan’s industrialization as a modern nation began to progress, the power transmission infrastructure was being constructed in Japan in order to supply the electricity to industry. Along with this, the demand for “electrical insulating paper” also increased. On the other hand, because all of them had to rely on imports from Europe and the US, the situation of World War I, which broke out in 1914, made it difficult to procure electrical insulating paper.

Developed products
The domestic pioneer of electrical insulation materials
Electric wire cable using our electric insulating paper(around 1930)
Electric wire cable using our electric insulating paper
(around 1930)

In the early 1900s, Mr. Genzaburo Inoue bore the mind of domestic production of electrical insulating paper and started research and development to achieve it, with only one small piece of German made sample on hand. While the demand for domestic production increased due to the outbreak of World War I, Mr. Inoue founded Tomoegawa Paper Co., Ltd. and succeeded in the first domestic production of electrical insulating paper in 1914. TOMOEGAWA, through its products, made huge contribution to the rapid construction of Japan's power grid, such as the expansion of the power grid in the 1960s and the shift to high-voltage power grid in the 1970s.

Shimizu Works (around 1918-19) Our tape-shaped electric insulating paper and wire cable Five paper machines were installed one after another during the five years from 1933 when Mochimune Works was built.The No. 1 and No. 2 paper machines are fourdrinier paper machines, and mainly used for printing/writing paper, art paper, imitation paper and wrapping paper.


World War I broke out


The first president Genzaburo Inoue founded Tomoegawa Paper Factory along the Tomoegawa river in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and started research and prototype manufacture of electric insulating paper and telecommunication paper. This place is currently called 'Shimizu Works'.

Tomoegawa Paper Co., Ltd. was founded with the aim of domestic production of electrical communication paper (punching paper) and electrical insulating paper.  Genzaburo Inoue became the first president.


Established Tomoegawa Paper Co., Ltd.


Established Shoei Printing Co., Ltd.


Products and Technology

Punching paper

Import of punching paper was stopped due to World War I. In response to a request from the Ministry of Communications, the public and private sectors became united and succeeded in domestic In 1923, TOMOEGAWA second president, Gennojo Inoue was acknowledged to have contributed to the telecommunications business, and was awarded the Medal with Green Ribbon.
Electrical insulating paper for communication cable

Electrical insulating paper for power cable

Our tape-shaped electrical insulation paper and wire cable
The Great Kanto Earthquake
The Great Depression started


Established Nihon Rika Seishi Co., Ltd.

In 1933, Mochimune Works was built in the Mochimune area, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City, which was rich in high quality water that is indispensable for the paper industry.  Shimizu Works, the place of foundation, mainly manufactured specialty paper such as communication paper and electrical insulation paper.  With the introduction of large-scale paper machines, Mochimune Works mainly focused on the mass production of printing paper and packaging paper.


Established Mochimune Works (currently called Shizuoka Works) in Shizuoka city to develop specialty paper and start manufacturing general paper

Sino-Japanese War broke out
High voltage capacitor paper

The Great Fire of Shizuoka
The Pacific War broke out
In 1945, TOMOEGAWA absorbed Shingu Mokuzai Pulp Corporation and established Shingu Works in Shingu city, Wakayama Prefecture, establishing a long-awaited integrated production system from pulp to paper.


Merged Shingu Mokuzai Pulp Corporation and renamed into Shingu Works, and started in-house production of craft pulp

End of World War II


Established Sanwa Co., Ltd.

In 1949, TOMOEGAWA opened the Technical Research Center with Dr. Shinoda, a former professor at the University of Tokyo, as the first director.  At that time, there was a strong tendency to make paper with the experience and intuition of skilled workers, but the concept of numerical management using equipment was introduced.


Opened a technical research laboratory at Mochimune Works to conduct comprehensive research in paper and pulp fields

Tracing paper

Blue Z Tracing used in office-use diazo copiers that were popular under high economic growth.
Discharged recording paper

Succeeded in Japan for the first time to develop discharge recording paper for copying transmission (facsimile) in response to a request from the Ministry of Communications
Korean War broke out
San Francisco Peace Treaty was concluded


Built a papermaking factory at Singu Works to establish integrated manufacturing system from pulp to paper

Insulating paper for ultra high voltage power cables(154kV)

Electronic copy base paper

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